Welcome to The Power of Business website,

your new source for real business education for your executives and staff.

The Power of Business has been put together by two successful businessmen with several decades of experience running successful companies and training others to do the same. Terry Morrill's engineering, financial and construction expertise and Bill Kilpatrick's brilliant work in software-based education have come together in a unique way to make knowledge more accessible and easier to grasp than anything else available.

Online CourseOur courses are structured so that the student can assimilate information one concept at a time in short, easy-to-grasp modules. Understanding and ability to apply the information are checked at each step, and course administrators are able to monitor students' progress closely so that any difficulties can be addressed immediately. The student gains confidence and certainty by a succession of small accomplishments that reinforce what is being learned.


We are interested in your feedback. Our team of experts in various fields are available to structure courses for any aspect of running a business and in many technical and engineering disciplines. Use the "Contact Us" link as a suggestion box. We are always happy to hear from you.

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