About The Power of Business


After starting, growing and selling a successful 100-employee software company, Bill Kilpatrick moved into the field of management consulting. He is experienced in software development, business management, training and education.

Bill found that the major reason businesses could not expand was not lack of finance or unwillingness on the part of employees, it was that the employees themselves (and the owners, in many cases) had never been trained in the fundamental principles of business and finance. Even if the owner/entrepreneur had a grasp on financial and production management, the staff usually did not, which left the owner trying to create a team when the team members didn't know all the rules of the game.

The system of online training that resulted took seven years to develop and test, and is now a mature and well-proven educational product for the 21st Century.

Terry Morrill holds a degree in Architectural Engineering and has the distinction of leading his company, Pacific Outdoor Living, to two consecutive Inc 500 awards as one of America’s fastest growing privately held companies. He has been involved with the construction industry throughout his career, building several successful companies, and has met and mastered all of the difficulties that an entrepreneur or business owner can run into. Pacific Outdoor Living currently employs more than 150 staff and continues to expand despite the current economic climate.

He has long recognized that successful operation and organization require training, from the top executives to the lowest worker. “Teamwork,” he says, “only happens when everyone is on the same page, and you can’t be on the same page if half the team has never even read the book!” So, as an extension of in-house training developed over the years, Terry created a number of short, highly popular courses in business management, finance, and marketing which he made available on a limited-number basis to other contractors.

The most challenging concept to get across, he found, and the most frustrating for any business owner, is the relationship between income and profit (or loss!). An employee who doesn’t grasp these fundamental economic facts of a business cannot operate effectively as part of a production team.


Terry knew of Bill as a successful educator in the business sector, and was intrigued by the software-based approach Bill had taken. Bill, at the same time, had heard of Terry and his unusual prominence and success in the construction field. They met, and talked about their mutual interests.

Terry thought the software was a terrific tool to deliver these training materials to a wider audience. Bill saw in Terry’s “Business Breakeven Course” an ideal starting point to teach financial literacy to employees of businesses. One thing led to another, and “The Power of Business” was born.

A few hundred challenging hours later, our website went live and the first course is available for enrollment by individuals or businesses. Keep watching our home page for more announcements!

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